When you come in for your first visit, there are a few forms that I will have you fill out. If you would like to save some time in this first session, you can print the forms ahead of time, complete them, and have them ready to bring in. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan them in and email them to me, and I will read them ahead of time.

Here is a bit of information about each form and links to download them:

Intake Form

This is a comprehensive form that allows me to collect background information and get an initial picture of some important areas of your life.

Consent Form

This form sets some important guidelines for our professional relationship. It also allows you to share your preferences on a couple key matters.

EMDR Informed Consent Form

This form provides you with an overview of the possible risks and benefits of EMDR. It also lists some important factors for you to consider before beginning this therapy. If you are coming to me for EMDR, you will need to fill out this form as well.