This is a photo of the balcony at a amazing resort in Negril, Jamaica that I was at three years ago. I spent a number of hours on this daybed reading, resting, listening to the sounds of nature and light yoga. Connecting with such a peaceful place made me realize what really is important. We live in a society that is so driven, we keep wanting more, to do more, to achieve more, to eat healthier, to exercise more and the list goes on. When do we have time to reflect? To not only remind ourselves of the importance of just being but to actually be comfortable with just being? Give yourself the space in your daily schedule to take a few minutes for yourself. To breathe, stretch or just notice the blue sky or the sunset. Gradually move towards longer periods of time, perhaps a 15 minute sitting meditation or a one hour yoga class, or spend an afternoon reading your favorite author. Give it a try. I know it is hard. I struggle with this a lot. Trying to find balance in our lives is an ongoing challenge but I also know that you can achieve this. I am optimistic and hopeful!

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