Relationship Counselling

Do You Feel Disconnected In Your Relationship?

Are you having a hard time communicating or feeling close with your partner? Have you tried to reconnect but still feel unheard or unloved? Are you worried your relationship cannot survive the challenges you and your partner are currently facing?

You may try to address relationship issues only to find yourself falling into the same arguments again and again. Alternately, you might feel helpless to change your situation and withdraw from interactions with your partner in an attempt to avoid conflict.

Perhaps you and your spouse are having a hard time adjusting to a change at home, such as a career transition, a new baby or a child moving out. Or, maybe you are single right now and feeling frustrated and lonely. Regardless of your experience, you may recognize that communication challenges are at the root of your relationship issues and wonder why you cannot find a solution.

Happy couple enjoying the sunsetYou may become anxious, fearful or angry as you struggle to find a partner or foster a healthy relationship where you feel loved and valued for who you are. Maybe you poured yourself into your career and now worry that you are running out of time to meet the right person.

You might feel too anxious or hopeless to share what it is you want and need to feel happy and satisfied in your relationship. Do you wish you could develop the confidence and communication skills you need to find and maintain a more trusting, intimate relationship?

Almost Everyone Deals With Relationship Issues

Whether you are single or partnered, finding and nurturing a relationship can be difficult. Every person brings his or her own experiences and communication style into a relationship, and it is natural and common for couples to face challenges.

Many individuals struggle to enter relationships or feel unloved and unsatisfied with their current partner. Others find themselves stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships but feel too helpless or fearful to make a change. Our ability to connect openly and honestly with others can be affected by a variety of stressors, including economic issues, career transitions or changes in living situation, such as a new baby or a child leaving home.

To make things more difficult, career obligations and personal issues – such as depression and anxiety – can leave us feeling lost and alone even when we are in an otherwise loving relationship.

In our modern culture, relationships are rapidly changing. Marriage no longer feels as imperative, and many couples are choosing to marry later in life, if at all. Divorce has also become increasingly common, with individuals choosing to separate peacefully rather than try to “save” their relationship at the urging of family and friends.

Your challenges do not mean that you are broken or that your relationship is doomed. Whatever relationship issues you are experiencing, couples counselling at Healing Matters in Calgary can help you restore balance and reinvigorate your ability to foster lasting connection.

Couples Counselling Can Help You Reconnect With Your Partner

Whether you are attending relationship counselling as an individual or a couple, it is possible to understand why you are struggling and find lasting satisfaction in your life. I can help you feel more confident and at peace both with yourself and in your relationship.

I offer a safe space and compassionate counselling to help you and your partner explore your challenges in a healthy and productive way. You can feel truly heard and valued as you share your experiences and work together to regain connection and intimacy.

During your couples counselling sessions, I will work with you to develop specific tools and strategies that can help you reach your relationship goals. By practicing communication skills and coping techniques, you can learn to manage stress and anger and remain calm in the face of difficult emotions.

I also provide tools and resources to help you continue the healing process between sessions.  You will receive the guidance and support you need to make meaningful, lasting changes without becoming dependent on couples counselling.

There is no single approach to relationship counselling, and I will work with you to address your particular challenges. Using a combination of cognitive work and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I can help you take a step back and see your situation from a new perspective.

You can learn to recognize and deal with difficult emotions in a thorough and healthy way. With the right therapist and resources, you can make meaningful, lasting changes and feel positive and hopeful about your relationship again.

I have been helping individuals and couples in Calgary respond to relationship issues for 20 years. I have seen how effective relationship counselling can be in understanding and overcoming the challenges you are facing. Reaching out for help when you are struggling is an important first step toward healing. As you work toward positive change, you can discover hope and excitement again.


What if my partner refuses to attend or participate in sessions?

It is common for one person in a relationship to feel hesitant or resistant to couples counselling. Your partner might fear that relationship counselling is a sign that you are not meant to be together or believe that talking about your relationship issues will only make them worse.

While it is helpful to have both members present during our sessions, there are steps you can take as an individual to support and strengthen your relationship. For example, developing new communication skills can help create more peaceful, productive discussions between you and your partner. And, as your partner sees the positive impact relationship counselling is having, he or she may choose to take a more active role.

What if talking about our problems only make things worse?

I provide a safe space where you can explore your relationship issues and work with your partner to reach your relationship goals. I help you identify issues that are affecting your connection and teach you the communication skills you need to give your relationship the best chance of success. In some cases, however, you may realize that things just won’t work. If you choose to separate from your partner, a neutral party can help you understand what it is you need to feel happy and loved in your relationship.

I’m not sure we can afford couples counselling.

While relationship counselling can seem like another extra expense, consider the cost of staying in an unhappy relationship. How much time and energy have you invested in having the same arguments or worrying about your future?

You may have been trying to heal your relationship but need help understanding and escaping the cycle of miscommunication and conflict.  I help you work toward specific relationship goals, with many couples seeing improvement in as little as two months.

You Can Foster A Healthy, Loving Bond With Your Partner.

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