by Carol Fredrek

I will be co-facilitating a Body Positive Yoga Workshop with Anne Cox, a Certified Yoga Therapist on October 21, 2017.  The intention of this workshop is for you to become more comfortable with yoga and with your body image.

I was interviewed by Jack Dobbs, Registered Psychologist to discuss my perspective on body image and its connection to yoga.  Yoga is too often thought of as an art that only certain body types can practice.

This is a total myth!  Yoga is intended for everyone!

No particular clothes are required and not all styles of yoga require you to bend in unconventional ways.  Breath and meditation are a central part of a yoga practice.

In this interview, I discuss my experience with body image and how yoga has been central to my healing and comfort with my own body.

Body image is visual, emotional, cognitive, historical, and kinesthetic. 

Objectives for this workshop are:

  1. For you to become more familiar with yoga poses, breath, and meditation.
  2. For you to connect, as you feel comfortable with your body and work through some of the challenges you have with your body image.

Listen to my interview below …

Click here to download the MP3 

Click Here to Read a Transcript of the Interview 

Hopefully this will inspire you to attend this workshop or begin to explore yoga, breath, and meditation as a part of your life practice.

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